01. Juni 2012
Wirtschaftsrat publishes new paper "The Internet as a Growth Driver"
With its new paper "The Internet as a Growth Driver - Opportunities for citizens and businesses in Germany", Wirtschaftsrat underlines that action has to be taken in order to make the best out of the digital revolution.

The Internet is increasingly becoming the most important driver of economic growth. Digitalisation affects all economic sectors and will transform every single business process.

The German economy is taking advantage of these opportunities.However, international comparison shows that we are not as good as we can be. To tap into the full potential of the Internet as an economic engine, it must become a top-level issue – for private businesses, but also for government ministries.

The Economic Council has thus compiled the present recommendations to make Germany a winner in the Internet world. Internet policy is not only of interest to technology enthusiasts.It must take centre stage in economic action and thought. Internet policy is economic policy.

As the Internet is global, it is even more important to ensure a high level of copyright and patent protection as well as its enforceability. This is critical for the innovative capacity of the economy.
Data protection plays a central part in enabling the Internet to completely fulfil its role as a growth driver. The federal structure of Germany is not helpful in this respect. Data protection must be dealt with in a uniform way across Europe. Here we need Europe-wide minimum legal requirements whose compliance is rigorously enforced.

For mor information, click on the link below to read the entire brochure.